Corporate Profile

Riding The Competitive Edge

Consistent patterns of growth and performance since founded. Strong management capacity with substantial industrial and investment experiences that can leverage on the company’s strong and stable long-term financial strength and investment position.

Strong corporate positioning and national network in both industrial and community relations. Well-reputed for an unwavering spirit of excellence, service and quality. Well-regarded as a corporate group that possesses unbending character of honesty and determination in all dealings with stakeholders, partners, staff, customers and the community.

Stretchable and fully-functional operation and resource capacities and abilities for further new geographical expansion.

Strong foresight, clarity in long-range vision and keen ability to execute growth strategy for acquisition, continued national expansion, and explore global growth opportunities.

Our Mission


Prioritize human capital development and staff welfare as part of integrated solutions for productivity enhancement.

Assimilate a vibrant and engaging environment, and create wholesome formal and informal activities for staffs to connect and form strong bonds as a unique Ducatisti community.


Develop brand compliance and control mechanism for operational processes and standards enhancement towards productivity improvement, quality compliance and service excellence.

Provide a full range of brand-related resources, training and learning schemes to support brand management efforts across all levels of dealership operations.


Build enduring relationships with customers and deliver top-class quality and impeccable service with all of our efforts and dedication of our skills, commitment and professionalism to satisfy our customers.

Implement measures that deploy effective marketing tactics based on economy of scale for outreach to customers.

shareholder satisfaction

Operate within a fair and competitive playing field and maximize shareholder value.

Leverage on partnership strengths and synergize needs and values of shareholders and partners to manage growth, sustain growth patterns, and optimize long-term satisfactory shareholders' returns.

Our Vision

History Timeline

Passion, Knowledge, Experience and Dedication
are the key ingredients of our success.

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